Write a qaul.net Tutorial

The qaul.net tutorials can be easily created. This guide explains how.

Each tutorial is an own folder in the /content/tutorials folder in the web site repository. Please have a look at the existing tutorials to get an idea how this is done.

Here a step by step explanation on how to create a turial:

  1. Create a new folder for your tutorial. Give this folder a meaningful name (without spaces or special characters in it).
  2. Put all the images and files into your tutorial folder.
  3. Create an index.md file in your tutorial folder.
    • If you write the tutorial in another language than English, make the two letter language code part of the file name. e.g. index.fr.md for French.
    • Write your tutorial in text-editor. The text needs to be formated in markdown.
    • Link your files and images in the tutorial.
    • Set the tutorial meta information in the tutorial header
      • title the title of your tutorial
      • preview the filename of an image in your tutorial folder which is used as a thumbnail image in the tutorial overview page.
      • tags define some tags that categorize the topic of your tutorial. They will be shown in the tutorial overview and in your tutorial.

Here an example index.md file

title: 'My first Tutorial'
preview: previewImage.jpg
- MyTag
- AnotherTag
# This is my first Tutorial

This is the first paragraph of my tutorial with text formated in **bold** and *italic*.

Below will be shown the first image in my tutorial:

  1. Once you finished editing, you are ready to publish the tutorial. If you know how to use git, send us a pull request, otherwise please send a download link to the mailing list.