Translate the Web Site

The web site is multilingual and can be translated into any language.

Translating a Content Page

Each page can be translated in any Language. The

Adding a New Language

To add a new language there are only a few things to do:

  1. Add the new language to the configuration file config.toml. Add the new language to the existing configuration:
    weight = 1
    LanguageName = "English"
    weight = 3
    LanguageName = "Deutsch"
    weight = 2
    LanguageName = "العربية"
    rtl = true
  1. Create a language specific CSS file in the folder themes/hugo-theme-qaul/static/css/ (e.g. themes/hugo-theme-qaul/static/css/fr.css for French).
  • This file contains language specific configuration and will mostly be empty.
  • For right-to-left written languages copy the file for arabic 'ar.css'.
  1. Translate the web site menu items. The web site menu items can be found in the folder themes/hugo-theme-qaul/i18n. There is a file for each language.
  • Copy the file en.toml and rename it according to your language.
  • Translate each sentence or word in other = "TRANSLATE THIS PART".
  1. Translate the content markdown files. The markdown files are in the content folder.
    • Try to at least translate the start page. The following files need to be translate for the start page:
      • content/
      • all files in the folder content/home
    • Read the section Translating a Content Page for how to translate a content page.