Web Site

This document is about the editing, translating and building the public web site which is availabe under

The web site is built via the static site generator HUGO. Its content and sources are hosted in a github repository and are community editable.

Your welcome to update, translate, open a PR or send us a patch!

Web Site Development Quick Start

Install HUGO

HUGO can be installed on almost every platform. Learn how to install it on your computer on

You need HUGO version 0.55 or newer to be able to test and run the web site. To check your installed version you may run the following command:

hugo version

Get the Web Site Sources

Clone or download the github repository of the web site. All needed files (templates, content, images) are in this repository.

git clone

Run and Test the Web Site locally

# move into your 
cd qaul-website

# start test server
hugo serve

Open the test web site in your web browser http://localhost:1313. When editing the web sites source files, you will see the changes immediately.

Troube Shooting

If you're geting an error without changing anything, check your installed HUGO version (run hugo version on the command line). You need at least version 0.55 or later to be able to run and test the web site.

Edit the Web Site

Here a quick overview of the web sites file structure:

  • HTML, CSS & JS Templates
    • theme folder contains all the HTML, CSS and javascript templates themes/hugo-theme-qaul. The only exception is the HTML template of the start page.
    • The HTML template of the start page is in layouts/index.html
  • Web site content
    • The markdown content files and the images are all residing in the content folder.
    • The start page content can be found in the content/ file and in the content/home folder. There is a file for each section of the start page.
    • All the tutorials are in sub folders of content/tutorials. Please see the chapter Write a Tutorial.

For translating the web site see the chapter Translate the Web Site.