Test qaul.net on Linux with multinode-test

Executable to test the qaul.net application with it's WebGui on linux.

This test set's up a local 3-node qaul.net test network with two WebGUI interface servers.

The network looks as follows:

Node A <-> Middle Node <-> Node B

On node A and node B a user is created each.

  • Node A
    • User: Alice
    • Password: 1234
  • Node B
    • User: Bob
    • Password: 1234


To be able to run the test you need to build the following:

Start Test

To start the test invoke the program from the shell with the relative path to the built Ember UI

# General Example
cargo run --bin multinode-test <local-path-to-webgui>

# If you invoke it from the top level project folder
# and you built EmberJS webGUI before you can do
cargo run --bin multinode-test webgui/dist

Then open the user interface of the two nodes in your web browser:

  • Node A:
  • Node B: