How to contribute?

First of all: you're cool! 😎

Development of happens mostly on Open Communication with an open development & support chat on IRC channel. If you have any questions getting started, please come by!

Submitting a PR

  • If a relevant issue exists, please tag in your description, not the title.
  • Include a short description of the accumulative changes
  • If you want your history to be rebased/ merged, please clean it up to be useful. Otherwise we will probably squash it.
  • Feel free to open a work-in-progress PR as a place to have a discussion about changes or to get feedback.

Submitting an e-mail patch

If you can't contribute via github (for whatever reason), you're very welcome to submit your patch via e-mail.

The easiest way of doing this is to configure git send-email. Patches should be submitted to the community mailing list at ~qaul/


  • Send an e-mail with the title [PATCH]: <your title here>.
  • Format your patch with git diff -p
  • Don't send HTML e-mail!
  • Make sure your line-wrapping is wide enough to allow the patch to stay un-wrapped!