Build on Raspberry Pi running Raspberry OS

This guide will give you a step by step instruction to build running Raspberry OS.



The core of is written in the programming language Rust. In order to build libqaul, you need to install Rust on your Computer.

Use this web site to install Rust: Rust installation instructions

Build Tools

There are some other build tools that need to be installed. Run this command in your terminal to install them:

# to download and build install the following:
sudo apt install make gcc cmake git 

# to execute the cli test scripts install the following:
sudo apt install jq httpi

Get and Compile the Sources

Clone the git repository from the terminal.

git clone

Now you can move into the repository and build the application.

# move into the project folder

# build the application via the rust build tool `cargo`
cargo build

The rust build created the following binaries:

  • qaul-linux
  • linux-cli
  • linux-http-test

Run and Test

See the test chapter.